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Leaves are the challenge theme for our October hook-in.

Here is Jennie’s explanation from the May meeting announcement:

Chapter Project ~ Hook-a-Leaf: Members who participate receive a 20” x 20” piece of linen, and will hook a pattern of their choice (must feature a leaf, or leaves). Minimum hooked size is 8” x 8” but can be larger. No other rules!! Be creative and see what you can come up with! These projects will be featured at the Harvest Hook-in this October.


I’m particularly fond of gingko leaves. The tree is considered to be a living fossil and is a symbol of longevity. The leaf shape and colors are wonderful and bring to mind a lovely time in my life. . Unfortunately, it was a female tree and the fruit, which also dropped with the first frost, smelled vile and weighed a ton. Even so, I still love those leaves. It would be interesting to hear other ‘leaf stories’ from our members.



We had a tree just outside the kitchen of our Victorian house in Pennsylvania. Right after the first frost the leaves turned a beautiful clear yellow


Take a leaf walk. The variety of size and shapes is infinite. Skim through your rug hooking library for inspiration. Think about synonyms for leaf. Could you hook the pages of a book? Compose a portrait of ‘turning over a new leaf’? Although it must feature a leaf, or leaves, this theme offers so many opportunities to explore.

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