heart and flowers

Hearts and Flowers                                                February, 2017

If you do not already own “Rugger’s Roundtable” by Jane Olson, and Mildred Sprout’s “Design-A-Patts”, I recommend that you ask friends where you might find copies and search for them at every hooking event.

Begun as a newsletter, “Rugger’s Roundtable” is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in rug hooking. In the introduction to the 5 year set, which spans 2006-2010, Jane described the collection as “a guide for the beautiful art of rug hooking. It is a source of instruction, color planning, dye methods and tips, hooking techniques, shading and much more.”

Just a few examples of tips show a bit of the range of information provided: “Cleaning carding strips”, “What is the difference in three grades of burlap?”, “Using selvedge edges”, etc. Her drawings are concise, inspiring and the information for dyers comprehensive. Jane’s writing is clear and logical.

The Rugger’s Roundtable newsletters were a starting point for The Rug Hooker’s Bible on which she and Gene Shepherd collaborated. Jane’s granddaughter, Brigitta Phy, continued Rugger’s in 2010. Brigitta sells back issues and now offers a FREE electronic newsletter. Her address is: http://www.greenvalleyrughooking.com/roundtable.html

In Jane’s 2012 Catalog, the price for a 35-year set (which spans 1/1976 – 11/2010) was $140. As these provide all the wisdom stated above, I feel that was very fair. Contact Brigitta for today’s prices. Given a set by my sister, I can only say, “Lucky me!”

Mildred Sprout’s Design-A-Patts is wonderful for providing designs you may copy and demonstrating fine shading of flowers and fruits.

For even more insight into our art, look for old copies of Pearl McGown’s Newsletter and Joan Moshimer’s News & Views. They can sometimes be found on EBay or through a friend who is downsizing or no longer hooking.

Janelle Leslie’s Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival exhibit of our rugs runs from February 17 – 20th. She will be demonstrating during the Fair. Contact her if you want to help out and demonstrate.

Happy Hooking!