This month is full of opportunities to hook. Several of us spent Saturday at Orange Coast’s Hook In. Sandy, Jennie, Bonnie and Lynne enjoyed and learned a bunch from Lisanne Miller’s class. Some of us chose to sit and hook, enjoy each other’s company and beautiful work, invest in the vendor’s wares, and chat with friends we see only at an event such as this one.

At our regularly scheduled meeting on Saturday, March 18th Donna will teach us how to dye chartreuse.

Next day, the 18th, many members will travel to Highland Springs to 123 Farm for the sheep sheering. Sandy enthusiastically recommends this event. Wear your Ca’s 1st apron if you decide to go!

While doing your spring cleaning, put aside items for the auction at our April meeting. Your donations help make it entertaining and profitable.

Seeing a beautiful footstool being created at the OC Hook In inspired us to think about creating our own. You can find helpful information on Cindy Gay’s web site

and on Searsport’s.

Pictures on Pinterest always inspire.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!